Peatro - Peatro moved here from Colorado and loves to play. Oh hello Kate!

Abigail - This 20 year old loves to swim. Of course! because she moved here from Florida

Super Cowgirl Clover - This supper fly 23 year old cowgirl from Texas is really super and can actually fly!!

Larry Caston - Father of Debra Caston, from Jupiter?, 75 years old, likes to hide in street corners, drives a limo, and most importantly invented the toaster strudel

Debra Caston - The daughter of Larry Caston, Debra moved here from Jupiter and has a lovely deep voice

(Most likely) Betty - Betty is very forgetful but she thinks she's 23 

Zues Posiden Hades Aries Samma Kamma Walkie Brown, The Limited Edition - The sun of god ZPHASKWB, ZPHASKWB the limited edition may be smaller than his father but he has a matching sword and sheild

Zendall - Zendall is a scientist with an observatory that allowed this 19 year old to make the first contact with aliens (whom she is related to?)

Twilla - Poor Twilla. After being accidentally overly scared by her father the Boogie Man at the age of 12, she has lived out the rest of her life as a ghost.

Dahlia - Dahilia moved here from Oregon with dreams of owning a farm. Hopefully her ailing foot wont stand in her way!

Jeff - Jeff is a man of few words. His name is Jeff. And he isn't related to Jim. 

Lillia - Lillia is 20 years young. She loves pizza and lives in Winchester with her 7 siblings. 

Rocks - He came from rocks, he eats rocks, he loves rocks, he IS Rocks. Rocks can solve almost any problem, with rocks. 

Jason - Jason moved here from North Carolina and he puts safety first! This 21 year old peep does not want to lose his Homesteader. 

Molder - Molder works for the FBI. He's 31 and  like to take on "special cases" at work. He also loves spaghetti. 

Dr. Victor Frankinstien - Dr. FRankinstien is not in anyway related to Dr. Frankinstine. So lets be clear about that. He is german, and some err.. mildly successful experiments have left his with a um... unique face. 

Larry - Larry Loves coffee flavored ice cream, but not nearly as much as he loves Star Wars and hunting! He moved here to avoid the sand people. 

Raul Most Ready - This 32 cartoon fanatic loves the comic Banana Man who coincidentally also wears a big yellow hat and pointy shoes. 

Peepvius Romanicus - Peepvius is not here to mess around, he's here to convert us all to his roman ways. 

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