Laurel Iselin

Nina Lary

My name is Nina, and I am a high school English teacher at Pinkerton Academy. When I'm not teaching, I enjoy theatre, outdoor excursions, and concerts. I am excited to play Village after a five year hiatus.Although this will be my first Village in Nelson, I have played Village for six years in New Boston. I can't wait! 

Gabe Belluscio 

Gabriel Belluscio was born and raised on nothing but mulch and sunshine.  He was planted in the hills of the Appalachian Mountains and one day, when he was rip and ready to be harvested,  he was brought forth to the world.  Since that day he has done many an astounding thing which include being part of Village last year and this year.  His long term plans are to finally catch the Questing Beast and get his three wishes and one day eat an entire sheet cake in one sitting.   

Gretchen Allen

Gretchen has just finished two years at Antioch University and is heading north to teach middle school science this fall. She loves reasons to wear costumes and running around outside.

Victoria and Will - WILL join us as CIT's this year!

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