Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 4

Happy day before day before the Fourth of July!

We started out our morning with a sampling of patriotic turns thrown into our mix. Nothing like a group of campers singing the star spangled banner to truly make you feel proud to be an American.
We had our final peep introduction and met Peepvius Romanicus.

Peeps recovering at the hospital

All of our peeps survived the night... although a few of them required a trip to the Federal hospital to recover from severe water exposure, slug damage, or loss of head. After finishing up interviews in the morning some local businesses were able to get up and running under new management. Twilla will be managing the trading post, Debra C. will be womaning the bank, Jason will be leading the radio team, and Super Cow Girl Clover got right to work on the towns first newspaper.
Twilla opening the trading post.
Working on the first edition of the newspaper!

With managers hired and check books issued, commerce in Petrichore is ready to take off. The radio station, WXYZ, has already announced a competition for the creation of a Petridollar and town flag design. Jason the manager said he would bring any submissions to a town meeting for some sort of decision. A local lawn care buissnes has also been announced and there are rummers of a casino opening soon. It's all very exciting!
I love village. 

We said good bye and good luck to our peeps for the weekend. Some repairs were made so hopefully everyone will stay dry! Then we had more sun for our afternoon games and plusses and wishes. All in all a great week 1!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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