Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 15,16, and 17

Life in Petrichor is taking off! The zipline project has proved to be a challenging one. Several waves off peeps have risen to the challenge to help make this dream a reality. Much has been learned along the way and we remain hopeful!
Monday maze solving in the newspaper!

Meanwhile, foot traffic around town is getting easier due to newly paved roads! Villagers hope the roads will also set clear boundaries to deter trespassing. New fences went up after Hurricane Lama came through Tuesday night blowing away leaf piles that had served as property boundaries. Within no time, Petrichorians and visitors will be able to use these roads to visit the new beach (bathing suit optional!)
Hard at work in the shop!

Back at the peeploft, housing are coming together with speed and grace. I'm so excited to see them all on the land this Friday! 

With mini fair on the horizon, I think Petrichor is on track to be show worthy indeed. 

Photo Credit for todays blog post go to Super Cow Girl Clover! Thanks!
ALSO - if you are reading this on Wednesday, don't forget your shoes for tomorrow!

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