Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 7, 8, 9 and 10

Villagers have been busy in Petrichore! On Day 7 the radio station closed the flag and curency design competition. Hats off to Jerry Casston and Jeff for their winning submissions! All of them looked great.

We finished off last week with our first weekly camp fire! Everyone came together to build a real campfire which meant a lot of digging, mulch moving, rock finding, and stick breaking. We also had homemade ice cream to enjoy after being entertained by musicians, dancers, magicians, skits, games and more!

Everyone pitched in :)


Thanks for all the hard work everyone!

A campfire at campfire!

Now we're back for another week and it feels like the summer sun finally decided to show up. "Drink More Water" is the new agenda item of the day! Villagers also committed to some town goals like a recreation area and public services. Maybe that means the skatepark will move to the town center.... but wait, where is the town center?! 
George takes a spill in the new skate park!

Making Origami at CCC. Thanks Abigail!

Construction Begins!

Yay houses!

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