Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 5

Things in Petrichore picked up right where we left them. Literally... our peeps were all still there! And for the most part, they were in good shape.
Lama lama lama lama all over the place-e drama

We started our morning thinking about why we bother to build our peeps homes. I mean if they can stay MOSTLY alive in the grass, why bother!? Turns out we all like the idea of having a dry, safe, comfortable, and mildly entertaining space to store ourselves and our belongings. We also brainstormed a bunch of different structures, from RV's to Colosseums, that would fit the bill. Then it was back to business as usual, working on our models and new peep careers.
Say Cheese!

Our local community college branch opened up today, offering it's first class of the semester: Bookmaking! For just 10 pertidollars peeps had a chance to invest in their future as villagers. Opportunities will abound for more peep and homesteader skills to be learned.
Sometimes small plans make more sense if they are really really big.

Nice job Raul! Cool book!

Suddenly in the midst of books being built and checks being cashed we had a surprise announcement from Jeff (who found his voice - and it's British!). He called a town meeting to form a new government. Turns out that the Fed will only give loans to established government entities. So picky those Feds! After brief discussion and multiple rounds of voting, the villagers of Petrichore have voted in favor of developing a Democracy. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, but Jeff encouraged interested peeps to launch a campaign to take office.
Cashing checks at the bank

What kind of government do we want?

Before we left we tried out a new field game called blob tag and sent some energy around with the game Wha! In our plus and wish circle it was clear that games are a favorite as well as the sunshine. I hope we see more of it!

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