Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 2

Welcome to Petrichore!
"smell of dirt after the rain"

It's hard to believe we've only been in village for two days! Today we not only claimed land for our village but we named it Petrichore (smell of dirt after rain) AND signed a proprietary agreement saying that we would take care of it. Thank You Iselins for the use of your land! We promise we will take care of it and only let cute animals like cats and pugs roam through our land.

We also had a traditional land rush, claimed mini acres, polished off our Peeps, went swimming, learned new songs, AND broke in our new game field with a couple rounds of sharks and fish. 
Whew... hope everyone gets a good nights sleep!

stalking our claim...

Fishy fishy cross my ocean!

Campers who flip tarps together... errr??...

Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 1

The game has begun!

After working hard to get the space ready it was so exciting today to see homesteaders arrive for a new year of village! We have old timers and brand new faces but our location at Great Potential Farm is new to everyone and gives us all a chance to not only create a miniature village together but develop new camp rituals as well.
Here they come!!
What is a Peep anyway?

Even though there are lots of changes, some things stay the same.... like singing in the morning! (It's really the best way to start the day.) We talked about why we are here and what we would be doing all day. Our new CIT's Victoria and Will gave us a tour of the place and helped us navigate the new ladder and pulley system. How many people get to use a pulley everyday? Are we lucky or what! Then we talked about how to measure things in miniature peep feet (1 peep foot = 1/2 an inch) and after figuring out that an Oreo would be big enough to feed a whole peep party we got to work creating our peeps. For me, seeing these new characters come to life is one of my favorite camp moments. I'm looking forward to formal introductions once we've had a chance for completion!
Enjoying the new view.

Making Peeps!

Waiting to be brought to life....

After working on our creations we snacked and headed to the pond. We are all going to have strong legs by the end of the summer thanks to the hills on our way to the water! After swimming, lunch, and some more craft time we started looking for our village location. Some of us love trees, shade and seclusion, while others are in search of convenience and close neighbors. Where will we all live? Can we find a spot to suit us all? To be determined....
Touring the Land

With a quick clean up and a final name game we wrapped up Day 1! Of course, our final moments of the day were devoted to plusses and wishes.

Pluses Included
building peeps
meeting new people

Wishes Included
Field games
getting the land they had an eye on
and more sun!