Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 6

After changing our government to a democracy, peeps decided not to elect a leader; instead, they will make decisions as a whole town. Petrichore residents decided that any peep may call a town meeting by ringing a bell (which we are in the process of locating...)

Later peeps and homesteaders continued to get the trading post, bank, radio, and newspaper up and running. Homesteaders and peeps were busy designing houses, building cardboard models, and completing lumber orders. Additionally, an investigation was launched to locate Deborah, a missing peep. We hope for her safe return. 

After a long swim in the pond and continuing the search for Deborah, we rounded off the afternoon with a 'web' activity--the goal is to get all homesteaders from one side to the other without touching the rope. We haven't done it yet, but that won't stop us from trying again!

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