Sunday, July 19, 2015

Days 13 & 14

Petrichorians met to discuss transportation plans. Turns out that the Feds had some money available to offer for transportation. After deliberating over peep pulled carriages the townspeeps voted on a zipline as their means of transportation. Team Larry Squared volunteered to head the project assisted by Jeff and Raul. Construction began almost immediately on a main line from the peeploft to the land.
Building more trust with group lifts...

Although there has continued to be a lot of talk about the nude beach, no progress has been made. Meanwhile the local hospital is in development. Word on the street is that this hospital will offer flexible competitive rates.
Busy villagers at work!

House construction has been moving steadily along. I'm looking forward to seeing these houses on their land!
So much progress on our houses!

On Friday we enjoyed more homemade icecream topped with fresh rasberries and blueberries picked right at camp! It's not easy to make but it's totally worth it and we have a lot of teamwork to get the job done. After icecream we all flexed our acting muscles with the game "What are you doing?" Apparently we are doing all kinds of crazy things. 

We moved our circle to our campfire to enjoy our second campfire of the summer. Our camp songs took on a whole new meaning in a small skit, we got to witness a camp first - performance art, we had an amazing high flying fruit eating juggling act, a wonderful dance, and finally watched a feather turn into a falcon and a trash man turn into a lumberjack.  It was a great show. 

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